4 Steps to Buy Your Dream Car in Your 20’s!

How To Buy Your Dream Car in 20’s. Actual Guide. Not a Clickbait Vlog masked as a dream car tutorial, when it’s just about how they bought their dream car. I’ll teach YOU, how to get yours. No Cryptocurrency, Drone Startups, Penny Stocks, or Lemonade Stands here. Just a legit talk for hard working folk looking to get their dream car and find their way through life. Here is an outline of the video’s structure, since last video, a lot of folk criticized that my rambling videos like this, could benefit from some structure, so I took that advice.
Thesis: In order to achieve your dream, we’ll need to talk about how obtainable your dream car is, what type of career you should seek to obtain it, how your lifestyle can affect you, and responsibilities that need to be addressed before buying your dream car.
First Step: Is it obtainable or unobtainable?
– If it’s obtainable, gosh diddly darn, aren’t you lucky!
– Why is unobtainable?
Second Step: Future Career Planning
– Get a Higher Paying Job
– Seek Higher Education, or these other alternatives, Trade School, Armed Forces, Entrepreneurship, Community College, etc.
– Don’t get in tons of debt for no reason
Step 3: Change Your Lifestyle
– Clothes, Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, Smartphones, Gaming PC’s, Consoles, etc. Technology and Fashion are more expensive then you think.
– Avoid unnecessary spending. Don’t eat out a lot, or party too much. Don’t go on expensive vacations. As Dave Ramsey himself said, Broke People Shouldn’t Go on Vacations.
Step 4: Address Responbilities
– Stay Single. Kids are the #1 reason you won’t be able to get a supercar without gray hair.
– If you already have kids, big oof. Just kidding, I’m sure they mean the world to you, and because of that, only buy your dream car if you get a spike in your income. DON’T YOU DARE PUT YOURSELF INTO A FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE SITUATION IF YOU HAVE DEPENDENTS.
– Buying Vs. Leasing. My opinion, always buy. If you have to lease, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR3zm9MYxhE&t
– Learn to Work on Cars. Working on Cars is the most responsible thing you can do as a car guy. It makes everything cheaper, and makes you feel more confident. It’s fun too!

Trade School Advantages
Trade School Shortage https://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2018/04/25/605092520/high-paying-trade-jobs-sit-empty-while-high-school-grads-line-up-for-university
Trade School Article

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