The McLaren 720S Suspension Is A Complex Masterpiece

How McLaren’s Proactive Chassis Control Suspension Works
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The McLaren 720S and 720S spider are obviously fast, but something that doesn’t receive as much attention is how brilliant the suspension is. McLaren calls it Proactive Chassis Control II, and it’s a system of interconnected hydraulic links that allow for McLaren to eliminate roll bars, and have a suspension that’s better suited for adjustment between road driving and track driving.

Not only are the dampers linked side to side, but they’re also linked from to back, leading to a unique approach to suspension damping for all scenarios (roll, pitch, warp, etc). Flow restrictors change the damping characteristics for normal, sport, and track modes, allowing the vehicle to better respond to the conditions the driver is experiencing. Check out the video for a detailed explanation of how it all works!

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